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We are First in Asia – We want to give you the trust, security, quick turn-around and cost effective ways to get your film location. And we can do just that for you!

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About Filmplace

How it all begins from the start

We are a team of filmmakers in Singapore who encounter lots of problems looking for film location which is either too expensive, can’t find one, or location owner cancelled on us last minute. We fully understand the situation, which is why we created Filmhouse Rental – It helps you to get the ultimate experience and making sure you won’t get last minute cancellation, turning 5 days worth of location sourcing work into just barely 1 hour.




Cost, Time & Risk Comparison

Agency > $1,000
  • Very expensive, agency will charge you a huge amount for their time
  • May or may not be protected by Agency
  • May not sign Location Release Agreement
  • Agency will source venue for you
  • Time Consuming
  • May have last minute house rules (eg, no filming in bedroom)
  • Reduced Risk
Direct Dealing ???
  • No Fix Price, up to location owner to quote you
  • Possible to go MIA
  • May not sign Location Release Agreement
  • Have to self-source or hire location manager
  • Time Consuming
  • May have last minute house rules (eg, no filming in bedroom)
  • At own risk
Why use Filmplace

Technologically Advanced for the digital age

We’re passionate about solving problems which can help the industry to grow.

Newest technology

With our state of the art technology and AI integration, we will be able to help you to secure your film location quickly and easily in no time. It makes your life easier as dozens of locations are readily available for you to book.

Dispute System

Our dispute management system helps filmmaker file a dispute in case there’s any disagreement either on-set, before or after shoot. We will never leave you behind and we will always be there to help you.

Location Release

With our system-generated location release agreement, you no longer have to reminder location owner to sign the form. Upon booking, the release agreement will be sent to you automatically through email.

Mobile Apps

Our iOS and Android applications allow you to book your location as easy as a swipe on your mobile devices. Our improved messaging system allows you to receive a push-notification when your shortlisted location owner responded to your booking request.

Transparent pricing

We do not have hidden fee. Our pricing are very straightforward and transparent throughout the process, this allows you to know how we charge. Generally, we only take 10% from the total booking fee to keep our system running for you.

24/7 Support

We provide you with a 24/7 Support whenever you need, where ever you are. This will allow you to reach out to us even in case of any last minute request or emergency to support you in whatever you need.

How we work

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We have a simple mission: to help filmmakers secure their film location quickly yet reducing cost, resources, time, and effort spent.

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